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This website has been created by the ethnomusicologist and composer Mauro Luis Devin Campagnoli, thanks to the irreplaceable contribution of his friends of the African rainforest, the Baka Pygmies, who received and gave him hospitality in their camps, during the years, with great friendship and affection.

All texts, photos, audio and video recordings in this site are by the author, and come from his field researches in Central Africa and from the subsequent post-production work for the web.

Copyright © 1998-2009 Mauro Luis Devin Campagnoli.
All rights reserved. Reproduction of texts, images, videos, music and sounds, as well as print and elaboration of the content of the site, is forbitten, also for not-profit use.

To buy the publication rights for photos, videos or music recordings contact the author.

The aim of these pages is to provide an introduction to Baka Pygmy culture and life. The published material is a small part of the collected documentation. Some more exhaustive works about Baka Pygmies are still in progress and will be available soon, in different formats:
a photographic book, a monograph on Baka Pygmy music and musical instruments, audio CDs of pygmy music, a CD-Rom, a video documentary, and a novel about the fieldwork in the rainforest and the initiation of the author among this pygmy group.
Availability of these works and further details will be communicated on this site and on the author's website.

Part of the eventual proceeds will be used to buy medicines, food and other basic goods for Baka Pygmies of south-eastern Cameroon, through the direct work of the author and that of some secular and religious missionaries who live in the forest area.